Road Rage Violence Ends at Gunpoint

A road rage incident escalated when a hit and run driver refused to stop his car despite his victim jumping onto the hood of his car! He was clinging for dear life for 3 miles on a highway! 

The pair wizzed by on the highway to the shock of fellow motorists. Reports allege that the vehicle reached speeds of up to 70 MPH while the enraged man clung to the hood of the car. 

Many witnesses attempted to stop the chaotic episode by honking and trying to talk sense into the driver. Thankfully, a concealed carry license holder who witnessed the incident heroically stepped in by pulling out his legal firearm and talking sense into the pair at gunpoint. 

Both parties of the dispute were charged for negligent operation of a motor vehicle and disorderly conduct respectively. 

The concealed carry holder was not charged with any crimes during the road rage episode. 

View video footage here: