‘Joker’ Breaks Records at Box Office — $13.3 Million

The much anticipated film debuted with record setting numbers. And that’s just from the early showings!

“..a $13.3 million Thursday preview haul is, sans inflation, just above the $11 million launch of Wonder Woman in June of 2017. More importantly, the $13.3 million launch is higher than the $10 million preview figure for Venom, which means Joker has the new record for an October preview gross.” – Scott Mendelson (Forbes)

Joker has been making headlines even before the showings for other reasons…

Many movie theaters have banned fans from wearing masks or face paint to the premier as a measure of extreme caution amidst threats of theater shootings on the dark web.

Other measures may include mandatory bag searches.

Those affected by the mass shooting at the movies in Aurora have even reached out to Warner Bros. to ask them to ‘commit to gun control causes’ (James Anderson, Associated Press).

The Aurora movie theater is not even going to show the movie according to an employee.

In a statement made by leading actor, Pheonix, he asserts: “I don’t think it’s the filmmaker’s responsibility to teach morality and if you don’t know the difference between right and wrong, then there’s all sorts of things that you are going to interpret in the way that you want.”