As election nears, left media out of touch with pro-gun Trump supporters


From the L.A. Times to the Washington Post, journalists who claim to provide an objective view on all issues including gun rights have been showing their true bias.

The media would like you to believe that every violent act of crime committed during President Trump’s term was his fault. From their perspective, it seems like an easy strategy: reference the riots, blame Trump, get Biden elected.

But today’s average American doesn’t believe everything published by a major news outlet. We know that the right to keep and bear arms hasn’t diminished with time. It isn’t an antiquated notion because of when it was created. Rather, it is a foundational rock — as a means to protect our families and our nation.

And on the anniversary of September 11th, we remember those who sacrificed their lives trying to save our fellow citizens. That is what the true nature of America was then and still is today. Our country is not as divided as some desire it to be.